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Wow, I had no idea my last post was in 2012!  Well, a quick catch-up:

My contract with my employer ended in May, it was originally for 6 months and went on for 3 years.  I've moved to Tulsa, OK. for a 5 month contract that looks to go for nine or beyond.  My injuries are mostly healed, the ankle is taking its sweet time.  I've tried to restrt my writing but my mind seems to rebel at anything longer than about 1000 words, a real bother.

On the other hand, I've had 3 of my ambient music tracks on two compilation CDs sold to support the ambient music producers site I live on (and they apparently sold darn well), and I've been using my 3D skills for fun, relaxation, and creating album and track art.  I flirt off and on with a Web comic, but not sure.. my poor, wheezy Core i5 laptop doesn't have the horsepower to deal with overly polygon-packed and fancy-lighting abuse (complex environmental lighting in a 3D scene is a real CPU hog).

So, current status: working on a dark ambient piece to submit to another collection, plotting and scheming on an entire ALBUM of dark ambient as well one of New-Age type stuff (got to maintain The Balance), and learning more 3D art skills.

I can post WIPs of my artwork here, anyone interested in my music can check out…

Until later!
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Dark Angel - WIP Toon Shaders
Experimenting with a toon Dark Angel.  It's a pain in the tail and the shaders are a bother, but you can get some interesting results.  This is one of the better renders.
Street Kitten WIP
Nude pinup work-in-progress, obviously inspired by the cover of The Cars "Candy-O" album.  VARGAS rues!
Definitely been a while sine I was Deviating.  Back now, though.. need a place to post my more risqué' 3D art..

Too much has happened for me to list it all, lots of good and bad things, but to sum it up: I'm now living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, working on software to open/close fence gates (heh).   I've dropped all music composition/performance except for dark ambient/cinematic/soundscape work, and for the past two years I've bad some of my tracks on the Ambient Online Composition albums (Compilation #2 and Compilation #3).

Still single and hoping to stay that way.  Still writing and right now fighting to push ahead on my NaNoWriMo novel.  My 3D art is now mostly cover art, track art for my songs, illustration for my writings or erotic/weird/weirdly erotic stuff, or things too silly to imagine.

Eventually, once I have some spare cash, I'm going to move to a Premium membership, but it'll be a bit.. it gets colder here than in Austin so
I have to cough up for REAL Winter clothes.

Not much poetry lately, that part of me seems to be taking a break.. and trust me, I'm not complaining.

Until later!
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Slowly but Surely

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 28, 2012, 10:10 AM

Well, accomplishing things while you're recovering frm a hospital stay is problematic, to say the least!

I have all the parts for my new 3D production machine, but because of the antifungal I'm continually tired and a touch fuzzy of brain - not a state to be in if you're assembling a computer!  So, that's going to have to wait (sigh) until I'm off the antifungal in 10 days.

In the meantime, I'm reorganizing all my 2D and 3D art assets to make it easier to run a production pipeline.  This arrangement will eventually migrate wholesale to the new machine, but it's going to be a while.. at least I can do it while I'm not 100% so that SOMETHING is getting accomplished!

I'm also running tests on the various software packages I have, to determine optimal flow.. I'm pretty happy with everything at this stage and am just creating small scenes and studies to better learn the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.  At this point I'm 100% convinced I don't need more software, I just need to learn what I have and fill in the missing bits of 3D art assets that I somehow managed to forget to buy.

I already have a Scrivener project for TVC, so I'm good to go there.  The original Vicky Diaries is part of the project archive, and all my old notes, so nothing That Has Passed(tm) is lost.

Hopefully this weekend I can get a character study for Decay  (one of the Lords of Karma) done and up here.  I have all the art assets, I just need to Sit Down And Do It(tm).

This weekend is complicated by my need to go buy more meds, get a cane to replace my crutch, and do a LOT of annoying laundry!  What a bother!  But little by little I'm clearing the deck to focus on TVC.

Oh, and horror of horrors, I've re-discovered INTERACIVE FICTION, so you might se the random text adventure turn up here - free to download and play!  It ties in with my writing and 3D art nicely, I think, and it's about the last place that a solo writer can create a game without a $10M budget and a team of dozens.

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  • Listening to: Tribal FM
  • Reading: Inform7 how-tos
  • Eating: Jimmy Dean hot sausage
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Edward Averill
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